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CAS complex simulations case study

Wyle’s CAS Group reduces development cycles, costs, and experiences significant performance gains...

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Driving competitive advantage by predicting the future

Competitive advantage is derived by an organization when it develops strategies, techniques, or resources that allow it to outperform...

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Software supply chain series part 1: Three ways to secure your software supply chain

Organizations are really concerned with cyber-attacks, but not all organizations know the best way to address the issue...

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The business case for earlier software defect detection and compliance

Regardless of the industry your business operates in, software is likely all around it. Software powers our cars, airplanes, and even the medical devices we rely on to diagnose and treat illness...

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Software as a process

Today’s software products are the result of many suppliers, vendors, open source repositories, and legacy code coming together in a mix of different processes, standards, and cultures. Each input offers a chance to introduce safety, security, or performance-related errors.

This paper explains the challenges of this polyglot environment and how strategies and tools proven in a number of industries can be applied to your organization to reduce defects, meet requirements, and minimize costs.

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Stingray Datasheet

Stingray® Studio delivers integrated and reusable MFC-based GUI components. Stingray products are designed to handle the low-level details of user-interface application development so your developers can focus on end-user requirements and the business logic of an application. With a comprehensive set of powerful, high-level components for GUI development, Stingray products shorten development time and make it easier to build, maintain and evolve custom GUI applications. Stingray products offer you the advantage of proven and tested code, providing the essential elements to help increase productivity and reduce schedule and resource risk. And since Stingray products ship with full source code, you can customize components as needed.

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OpenLogic overview

Leverage the power of open source without adding risk to your development cycle times, adding unknown license obligations, or introducing security risks. Know, inventory, use, and resolve all aspects of open source software within your organization with this enterprise-class set of management and scanning tools coupled with the only guaranteed SLA first-line support for hundreds of open source software packages.

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Coding to standards and quality: supply-chain application development

The monolithic codebase is dead. Modern applications are built of code from a variety of sources including employees, partners, and contractors from different geographies, with different skill levels, and working on a number of platforms. Application development is a supply chain, with dependencies supported by a network of systems ranging from greenfield development to legacy integrations, and utilizing a patchwork of code from custom, open-source, and commercial third-party sources. Ensuring consistency, security, and standards in such an environment can be challenging, but is essential for maintaining reputation, relationships, and customers.

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Introducing TotalView 8.14

Join Rogue Wave VP Scott Lasica as he provides an overview of TotalView 8.14, a graphical debugger specializing in HPC, supercomputing, and highly parallel debugging. Learn what’s new in the latest version, including support for CUDA 6.0, OpenACC, and Intel Xeon Phi.

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IMSL .NET/C# Numerical Libraries

Written in 100% C#, the IMSL C# Numerical Library for Microsoft® .NET offers developers seamless accessibility to analytic capabilities alongside the programming productivity and ease of use they enjoy in Visual Studio.

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