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CAS complex simulations case study

Wyle’s CAS Group reduces development cycles, costs, and experiences significant performance gains...

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Software supply chain series part 1: Three ways to secure your software supply chain

Organizations are really concerned with cyber-attacks, but not all organizations know the best way to address the issue...

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The business case for earlier software defect detection and compliance

Regardless of the industry your business operates in, software is likely all around it. Software powers our cars, airplanes, and even the medical devices we rely on to diagnose and treat illness...

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Software security begins with flaw-free, standards-compliant code

Research shows that improving code security starts with developers.

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Tech tutorial: Embedding analytics into a database using SourcePro and IMSL .NET

There are numerous benefits to using embedded analytics including real-time analysis, faster results, better quality of data, and higher security. This white paper describes how to implement embedded analytics within a database using SourcePro and the IMSL .NET Numerical Library, a native C# library from Rogue Wave Software. It describes in detail how to implement a server-side native stored procedure leveraging IMSL .NET using a particular relational database management system (RDBMS), and execute the procedure in RDBMS using SourcePro DB.

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Using JMSL in Apache Spark

Data in all domains is getting bigger — and because more data presumably equates to more accuracy in measurement, “big data” is generating the promise of new insights and understanding.However, the technical challenges posed by big data can overwhelm engineering teams who are
seeking ways to optimize their work effort.

This technical white paper illustrates two examples on how to use JMSL classes on Spark resilient distributed datasets (RDDs) to leverage the advanced mathematics and statistics algorithms in JMSL in distributed Spark applications written in Java.

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Navigating your code with CodeDynamics

In this video, you will discover the multiple ways to easily navigate source code and learn how the code is constructed. With CodeDynamics, source code can be examined by using the files/function search object, “diving” in on a function, or searching directly in the file.

Learn more about additional features of CodeDynamics by viewing the video series which highlights the dynamic analysis and debugging features of the tool.

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Elixir Enterprise overview

Many applications require user interfaces that are highly graphical, going beyond what is offered natively in the Flex platform. Elixir takes the Flex platform beyond the basics with graphics that business demands.

Learn about the various components of Elixir Enterprise that will allow you to bring powerful images, illustrations, and interactivity to your application.

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TotalView for HPC - Next generation overview

This video provides a walkthrough of the re-designed, easy-to-use interface available for early access in TotalView for HPC 2016 release.  The new user interface provides dockable windows with drag-and-drop functionality, persistent window layouts, and integrated help and command line interfaces.  

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Fitting static code analysis into continuous integration

One of the hottest topics in DevOps is Continuous Integration (CI), a software development practice where members of a team integrate their new code frequently — perhaps multiple times per day. Each integration kicks off an automated build and test process to expose any defects and report status as quickly as possible.

Learn about the benefits of CI and how to maximize their impact on your software development practices.

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