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Klocwork 2016.2 boosts analysis performance, reduces false positives & enhances our industry-leading MISRA support. CodeDynamics 2016.06 adds CUDA 8 support & improved search path config. TotalView for HPC 2016.06 adds CUDA 8 support & early access for native SLURM debugging on Cray.

Code Libraries Updated

PV-WAVE 12.0 delivers a major update for image file support, improved access for Linux, and additional platform support. JMSL 7.3 adds predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms. JViews 8.10 offers improvements that conform to the OWASP Top 10 recommendations.

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A fast, scalable solution for solving the transportation problem While the family of transportation problems can be solved by hand, at least for relatively small problems, the IMSL Library includes an algorithm that is fast and scalable.
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Continuous Delivery Assessment Continuous Delivery Assessment presents you with an effective roadmap to adopt automation in your software delivery processes.
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Alebra Technologies In evolving the PDM product development roadmap, Alebra required a software solution...
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