Rogue Wave provides graphical user interface components for developers, enabling them to deliver the information and interactivity that businesses need to stay agile. The line of products is available in C++, Java, and Flex.

With these products, developers can upgrade their user interfaces to highly-interactive, highly-graphical displays. These displays--including both standard user interface controls, such as menus and buttons, as well as advanced maps, charts, diagrams, schedules, schematics and more--enable users to better model, monitor, and analyze their business information. User interface developers greatly reduce development time and risk, while end users benefit from more responsive, intuitive information displays.

The C++ products offer portability across multiple Unix™, Linux™, and Windows® platforms.

The Java products benefit from the intrinsic portability of the language.

The Flex products allow integrating advanced graphics into Adobe™ Flash Player.

Product Applications
Advanced graphical components for building highly graphical and intuitive user interfaces
Charts, dashboards, diagrams, maps and GANTT charts
JViews Maps
High-performance Java cartography for mission-critical military applications
3D map visualization, military map readers, military symbols and terrain analysis
JViews Telecom Graphic Objects
Customizable components for building Operations Support Systems interfaces.
Components for displaying networks, service and hardware, geospatial and topological network views, equipment representations, and more
Adobe Flex  
A full spectrum of advanced graphical displays on Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR platforms
Network and business process monitoring, real time components, scheduling and project management displays
Create portable and high performance C++ graphical user interfaces (Base Product)
Menus, buttons, text fields, toolbars, tables, trees, spreadsheets, Gantt displays, SCADA displays, custom graphic objects
Views Charts
High performance C++ charts for Views developers
Bar, line, point, area, Stair, high-low, stacked, Bubble, pie charts, Real-time monitoring, Performance analysis
Views Graph Layout
Add diagram displays with automatic graph layout to Views applications
Network topologies, Flowcharts, processes, Organization charts, Call graphs, schematics, Hierarchies
Views Maps
High performance map displays for Views developers
Geographic map background, Custom data-aware symbols, Vector and raster maps
Views Data Access
Easy data connectivity for Views user interface controls
Data-aware controls
DB Link
Portable C++ database connectivity components for Views applications
Database and platform independence
Represent GUI elements and topology as shared in-memory services
Connecting supervision GUIs