C# & .NET Numerical Library

Advanced Numerical Analysis

As the only numerical library of its kind to offer unprecedented analytic capabilities and charting, the IMSL .NET / C# Numerical Library can be referenced from any .NET Framework language including C#, F# and Visual Basic .NET. Version 6.5 of the IMSL .NET / C# Numerical Libraries provides the most comprehensive, high-performing and accessible mathematical, statistical and financial algorithms for the .NET Framework and Microsoft Silverlight.

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Visual Studio 2010 Solution Case Study

"The IMSL C# Library enables us to quickly and efficiently provide advanced data analysis capabilities to Six Sigma professionals within our SigmaWorks Professional and RiskWizard Software solutions. . . We were impressed with how easy it is to call IMSL C# Library objects from visual Studio"
Scott Patrias, Software Development Manager, Next Sigma, Inc
"Visual Studio 2010, the .NET Framework 4, and the IMSL C# Numerical Library allow developers of analytical applications to harness the significant performance capabilities available through multi-core and manycore hardware. The IMSL Library is itself parallelized with the new support for parallel programming available in the .NET Framework 4."
Keith Yedlin, Product Unit Manager/Concurrency Development Platform Microsoft Corporation

"We partnered with Rogue Wave Software because their IMSL Numerical Libraries offer the most comprehensive, tested statistical functionality available."
Jon Aldred, Product Manager, HBM-nCode



Achieve Performance Increases with New Parallel Computing Capabilities


With .NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio™ 2010, Microsoft has extended the threading capabilities of the .NET Framework with the Task Parallel Library. The IMSL .NET / C# Numerical Library has integrated these threading patterns into dozens of functions, resulting in easy access to parallel-processing performance increases that take advantage of multi-core hardware.

Save Development Effort by Embedding IMSL .NET / C# Functions

The algorithms available within the IMSL .NET / C# Numerical Library cover all of the major categories of functionality commonly used in numerical analysis, from commonly used math and statistical analysis functions like optimization and regression to advanced neural network and classification technology. This math and statistical algorithm functionality can be applied to an unlimited set of applications, such as bioinformatics and life sciences, fraud detection, risk management and portfolio optimization, manufacturing yield analysis and more.



Functional areas included in the IMSL .NET / C# Numerical Library:

Mathematical Statistical Charting Data Mining
  • Linear Systems
  • Eigensystem Analysis
  • Interpolation and Approximation
  • Nonlinear Equations
  • Optimization
  • Finance and Bond Calculations
  • Differential Equations
  • Transforms
  • And many more
  • Basic and Nonparametric Statistics
  • Time Series and Forecasting
  • Tests of Goodness of Fit
  • Regression
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • Probability Distribution Functions
  • Random Number Generator
  • And many more
  • Function and Spline
  • Line, Pie, Scatter, Bar, and Box
  • Polar, Area, Contour, and Histogram
  • Date and Time Support
  • Fully Interactive Capabilities
  • High-Low-Close
  • Heat Map and Tree Map
  • And many more
  • Neural Network Engines
  • Neural Network Data Pre-processors
  • Naïve Bayes Classification
  • And many more