Rogue Wave at SC12

TotalView’s Climb Towards Exascale: Debugging 786,432 Cores and over 1 Million Threads! 


If you're interested in tools and products that can put you ahead of the competition in creating high-performance applications, you need to learn more about our leading TotalView debugger and ThreadSpotter performance optimizer.  At SC12, Rogue Wave featured these products and also participated in several sessions. We've made some of the material available in case you missed the sessions:

Intel Partner Theatre Presentation
“Debugging Scalable, Parallel Applications on the Intel Xeon Phi”
Nikolay Piskun, Director of Continuing Engineering, Rogue Wave Software

Exhibitor Forum Session
“Scalable Debugging with TotalView for Intel Xeon Phi, Blue Gene/Q, and More”
Chris Gottbrath, Principal Product Manager, Rogue Wave Software

Birds of a Feather Session
“Early Experiences Debugging on the Blue Gene/Q”

Post SC12 TotalView Customer Update
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