ZendCon 2016 dives into OSS ecosystem

Las Vegas, NV | 10/19/2016

ZendCon has been the largest enterprise PHP conference for several years, and this year is no different. What is different is the expansion that this event now holds. ZendCon is no longer just about PHP – it’s about the entire open source software ecosystem.

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ZendCon 2016 kicks off with robust sponsor engagement

Las Vegas, NV | 10/18/2016

The enterprise PHP conference, ZendCon 2016, kicks off with an impressive list of partners: IBM; Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE); Google Cloud; Oracle MySQL; Magento; Bugsnag; Clean Coders; Nexmo; Stormpath; BCD, a division of Fresche; Midrange Dynamics; NSC, Inc.; Remain Software; Seiden Group; Cisco DevNet; and Yota Enterprise. Each contributes to the broad and deep eco-system around enterprise PHP applications.

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Contributing back to CentOS: First patch submitted by Rogue Wave Software accepted

Louisville, CO | 08/02/2016

Rogue Wave Software continues to increase commitment to supporting the CentOS open source software (OSS) package with the first accepted patch to the CentOS code base. The Rogue Wave CentOS development team made its first contribution to the CentOS community: fixing a signal handling issue within the RRDTool. Underscoring the commitment to open source, Rogue Wave supports CentOS, along with other top OSS enterprise packages.

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Rogue Wave Software celebrates Zend Framework 3

Louisville, CO | 06/28/2016

Rogue Wave Software is excited to share the release announcement of Zend Framework 3, an open source framework for developing web applications and services. This release, the first major release in four years, continues the Rogue Wave commitment to the open source and PHP communities, and the ever-increasing support for PHP 7.

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Rogue Wave increases commitment to open source community with enhanced support for CentOS

Louisville, CO | 06/08/2016

Rogue Wave Software announced today their increased commitment to supporting the CentOS open source software (OSS) package. Since the August 2013 acquisition of OpenLogic, Rogue Wave has supported CentOS, along with other top OSS enterprise packages. The new commitment to CentOS means support opportunities will now come with hotfixes and patches, which will directly benefit the entire CentOS community. Additionally, Rogue Wave will simplify CentOS support by making it extremely easy for customers to deploy the CentOS images from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

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Rogue Wave releases Zend Server 9 for PHP 7

Louisville, CO | 05/10/2016

Rogue Wave Software announces Zend Server 9, the first application server that supports PHP 7. Revolutionizing web development and deployment speeds, developers are anxious to experience the massive performance gains, and now Zend Server will help simplify the process.

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