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The largest independent provider of cross-platform software development tools and embedded components in the world. Through decades of solving the most complex problems across financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, government, academia, and other industries, Rogue Wave tools, libraries, and services enable developers to write better code, faster.

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Using IMSL C on relational data with SourcePro DB For the common case of large data stored in a database, use IMSL C along with SourcePro DB to easily harvest and analyze data, then update a database with the processed data.
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Tech tutorial: Embedding analytics into a database using SourcePro and IMSL C How to implement a server-side native stored procedure leveraging IMSL C using RDBMS, and then execute the procedure with SourcePro DB.
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Overcoming relational database limitations with NoSQL ​Examining the problems, surveying the solutions, and answers the question of how to implement solutions through a consistent API.
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