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Large healthcare company: Transforming IT environments

The healthcare industry is moving rapidly towards digitization. As government regulations and expectations for broad interoperability take hold in the sector, many healthcare organizations are seeking to transform themselves into lean, innovative digital enterprises.  For a large Midwest healthcare provider, this journey began in 2014. They embarked on a transformation of their IT.

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HRL case study

HRL’s CNES is responsible to their clients for meeting their schedules with the functionality agreed upon in the contracts, which often are part of much larger programs and initiatives. Any delays in development can jeopardize much more than a milestone deliverable; the downstream impact of slipping a schedule or dropping required features can be enormous. As a result, the CNES team is always on the lookout for tools that can enhance the quality, speed, and efficiency of their development processes.

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University of Saskatchewan case study

Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan in the department of obstetrics and gynecology are use PV-WAVE to create visual data analysis (VDA) applications to conduct an in-depth study on aspects of infertility and contraception. The distinctions that they can now make are important in understanding the processes associated with infertility and conception and are helpful in making more accurate predictions based on their data.

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University of Alabama - Department of Mathematics case study

In the department of mathematics at the University of Alabama, Dr. David Halpern is using the IMSL Fortran Numerical Library to create mathematical models of physical phenomena in biomedical sciences such as pulmonary airway closure and reopening. The information uncovered by this research helps develop better medical tools and procedures for serious health issues and provides a basis for enhanced learning.

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University of Alabama - CRML case study

The Cardiac Rhythm Management Laboratory at the University of Alabama at Birmingham uses PV-WAVE for more efficient analysis of the causes and potential treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. They are able to increase productivity and significantly reduce development time for researchers because PV-WAVE has rapid application development, a flexible programming environment, and cross-platform compatibility.

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Thompson Cancer Survival Center case study

At the Thompson Cancer Survival Center, researchers are working with a select few reputable institutions to pioneer Helical TomoTherapy. The TomoTherapy system is groundbreaking in radiation therapy. Physicists in the Radiation Department verify the radiation dose delivery within this system. PV-WAVE returns the results of radiation dose delivery quality assurance simulations in the form of an image cube having the same dimensions as a patient’s original image data set.

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