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Lessons from 29 DevOps experts on the best way to make the transition to continuous delivery

Innovation has changed. Gone are the days when a solitary genius holed up in a garage conceived a big idea, and then painstakingly perfected and brought it to market years later. Today, innovation is fluid, fast moving, and collaborative. Innovation is the engine for growth and value creation in the modern world, and software is the fuel.

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6 steps to continuous delivery

Continuous delivery is a highly collaborative approach to software development that breaks down silos between traditional job roles so that everyone is responsible for a successful release. In a successful Continuous Delivery environment, it is not possible for a person in one role to pass a problem on to the next person in the process.

It’s not difficult to see the value in working this way. The real question is, how do you get there?

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How to calculate the ROI of continuous delivery

What does it take to build and sustain market leadership? Increasingly, the ability to deliver quality applications rapidly to support business goals and drive innovation has become critical to a company’s success.

As applications become more central to a company’s competitiveness, an increasing focus is being placed on how to deliver the right applications to market rapidly. This has led organizations embrace the concept of continuous delivery, a methodology created to streamline and automate the process of software delivery.

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Fundamentals of Continuous Integration with Jenkins and Zend Server

Continuous Delivery is a methodology, a mindset change and a leadership practice that focuses on how to achieve rapid application delivery throughout the software application lifecycle. This relies on the adoption of automation to streamline manual processes and enforce consistency and repeatability in the software delivery pipeline, as well as enhanced collaboration and shared metrics and processes across Dev and Ops teams.

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Zend Blueprint for Continuous Delivery

The model for Zend’s Blueprint for Continuous Delivery is based on practical implementation concepts gathered through the experience of the Zend Professional Services team, which is responsible for implementing best practices with our clients. The Blueprint is designed to accelerate and strengthen the process of bringing applications from code to production.

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Key Considerations for Mobile-Enabling Your Enterprise Apps

The shift to mobile app usage is not unlike the move from mainframes to PCs decades ago. That movement required huge shifts in development methodologies and practices, new tools and wholesale changes to back-end supporting systems. Today, the companies that move quickest to mobile-enable their key applications and adopt a mobile-first development approach will have the greatest advantage.

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Implementing PHP Application Deployment Best Practices

Once an afterthought, if thought of at all, an efficient and reliable application deployment process is becoming an essential component of modern application development projects. This is true for a number of reasons. The reputation and revenue of companies with public facing applications can be rapidly tarnished by deployment catastrophes. Any downtime for an ecommerce application, to give a non exclusive example, impacts revenue immediately as some customers will simply visit a competitor.

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Beyond Open Source - 4 Key Considerations When Investing in a PHP Platform

Unanticipated spikes in application usage at inopportune times can have a large impact on the success of an application, and ultimately on the company that depends on it. Companies need to take stock of whether their applications and the platforms they run on can scale to meet demand, and they’re asking themselves whether it’s time to invest in a commercial PHP application platform.

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