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Maximize performance and mitigate risks with PHP 7

With the massively redesigned version 7 getting mainstream adoption, PHP offers new language constructs, significant performance improvements, and lower resource utilization, making it a natural choice for fast-paced business-critical applications. PHP has evolved so much that it is now the runtime environment backing many of the world’s largest web sites and serves as the foundation of leading open source application platforms such as Drupal, Magento, and WordPress.

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Zend Framework 3 cookbook - A guide for using ZF components

Zend Framework is composed by 60+ components covering a wide range of functionality. While the framework has typically been marketed as a full-stack MVC framework, the individual components themselves typically work independently and can be used standalone or within other frameworks. This book will help you get started using Zend Framework components, no matter what project you're writing.

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Expressive cookbook - A guide for PSR-7 middleware applications

This book contains a collection of articles on Expressive, a PSR-7 microframework for building middleware applications in PHP. Middleware is an elegant way to write web applications as it allows you to write targeted, single-purpose code for interacting with an HTTP request in order to produce an HTTP response. PSR-7 and middleware represent the future of web development in PHP, from small to complex enterprise projects.  This book will help you get started using Expressive.

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Troubleshooting PHP Issues with Zend Server Code Tracing

Zend Server is an enterprise-ready web application server for running and managing PHP applications that require a high level of reliability, performance, and security. A complete, well- tested PHP stack, Zend Server is easy to set up and update on Linux, Windows, Mac, and IBM i, cutting the time traditionally spent on tracking, installing, configuring, and testing dozens of PHP libraries and drivers. Zend Server’s built-in caching and acceleration capabilities ensure your PHP applications deliver optimized performance, integrated application monitoring, and advanced diagnostic capabilities. Thus enabling you to quickly detect, isolate, and resolve any failures or performance bottlenecks, ensuring the application meets even the most stringent SLA requirements. Support for Zend Server is available 24x7, including access to continuous software updates, hot fixes, and security patches.

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From Green Screen to Web - Rapid Modernization for IBM i

For many organizations running IBM i, the “green screen” is the common interface to back-end data, business logic, and services. In today’s browser-based world of rich user experiences, the demand for web-enabled technologies is very strong and IBM i developers are under increasing pressure to expose data and deliver interfaces closer to what users see elsewhere and further from their traditional skillsets.

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TURBO LAMP - The LAMP Stack for Today’s Demanding Application Workload Requirements

The explosion in today’s application market is almost exclusively around applications that deliver information from troves of data to a myriad of end users devices. The information is personalized, localized, and curated for the user. Businesses are retrieving data from their systems of record the ERP, SCM, HRM applications that have long run the business and delivering it through systems of engagement.

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