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Be the disruptor – The digital API value chain

There will be 150 billion connected devices by 2020. New digital businesses have already disrupted value chains across every industries. APIs are at the center of the digital business. You need to understand what assets you have that can be exposed digitally, what their digital value chain is, and how to create an effective business model around that value chain to compete in this economy. No enterprise can be complacent and not engage in the digital economy. Learn how to be the disruptor and not the disruptee.

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Powering the API economy

This video discusses how to the management of APIs across their complete lifecycle enables businesses to succeed in the new API economy. The API economy functions when businesses can easily connect the backend systems with mobile app developers and business partners. Getting to this point requires strong but flexible management of the API lifecycle across plan/build/run/retire.

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Consuming APIs: Application developer demo

Shows a developer’s point of view on accessing an API using the Akana API Management solution. This includes use of the API developer portal, search and selection of available APIs, credentials, monitoring of API use for a specific app and logs. Developers can see other team members’ activities as well as workflows for creating an app in the Akana API Management solution.

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