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Open source support evaluation kit

Most enterprises use open source software for everything from desktop applications to mission-critical infrastructure, but many organizations have little to no support coverage to resolve set up, integration, and production issues. Just as companies use technical support for commercial software, they can also use technical support for open source code. A thorough evaluation of needs and options for technical support on open source packages.

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7 questions to select, deploy, and maintain open source software effectively

A question that often comes up in enterprise software organizations is: What happens when open source software (OSS) doesn’t work? Whether it’s confusion building out a server stack or panic during a system outage, the best that IT leaders and developers can hope for is that they’ve planned and prepared just enough to get over this hurdle and realize that they must prepare for the next.

The challenges with selecting, deploying, and maintaining OSS today is vastly different when compared to just a few years ago. For organizations committed to adopting OSS, here are seven key questions to think about when determining how effective current strategy is against common hurdles.

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