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ACCESS Co., Ltd.

“We found a 20 percent improvement in the cost of correcting bugs over the previous tool.” Mr. Yohei Fujiwara, chief assurance engineer in the smart device division, ACCESS
ACCESS Co., Ltd. is an independent software company that has provided advanced IT solutions based on mobile and network software technology since 1984. The Internet of Things (IoT) era is here in earnest, as more devices and systems connect to the internet. ACCESS provides integrated cloud-based solutions that make it easier and more efficient for customers to develop devices supporting the growing IoT.  
ACCESS compared the tools they had with multiple new tools available for static code analysis, including Klocwork, against functional performance and overall cost effectiveness. Once the evaluation was complete, they decided to deploy Klocwork throughout the organization.

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University of Goettingen

The photosphere of the Sun is the outer layer, which emits most of the radiation reaching the Earth. Inside the photosphere, however, energy is only partially transported by radiation. A substantial portion is carried by convective motions of a 6000 K hot ionized plasma in the rising volumes of granules with about 1000 km extension. The dark lanes, which separate the granular cells, are populated by small structures, some of them showing a magnetic signature as known from the dark sunspots. The high number density of these small magnetic flux-concentrations even over-compensates the strong magnetic field contained in the large-scale spots; that is why they carry the majority of the total magnetic flux of the Sun.

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SIMULIA case study

SIMULIA makes realistic simulation that improves product performance, reduces physical prototypes, and drives innovation. Historically, the task of finding and fixing memory bugs in their 3D simulation software has been a time-consuming and complex task for SIMULIA developers; finding and then understanding these bugs would take a considerable amount of effort and was very expensive because it involved a great deal of human time and attention.

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SRD case study

SRD identity recognition and relationship awareness software solutions include ERIK™, NORA™, and ANNA™. As the success of these software products increase, the need to support new hardware and database platforms becomes critical. SRD was faced with the potential loss in revenue associated with not offering cross-platform solutions, as current customers used a variety of platforms and database combinations in their existing systems.

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STFC Daresbury Laboratory case study

The UK’s Science & Technologies Facilities Council (STFC), one of seven UK research councils, provides scientists and researchers with access to supercomputing facilities around the world in support of technology and scientific development. STFC's Daresbury Laboratory is located on the Daresbury Science & Innovation Campus in Warrington, UK, which is one of two national science and innovation campuses. The 550 employees at Daresbury Laboratory support the hosting and operation of strategic facilities and services for the UK’s scientific research community and a broad base of academic, government, commercial, and industrial customers.

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The Van de Graaf Group - IRMM case study

The Van de Graaf group of the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM) in Geel, Belgium, works in the field of nuclear physics, investigating properties and interactions of materials using a 7-megavolt particle accelerator. This process generates enormous amounts of data in the form of meter-long lists of values. The Institute uses PV-WAVE to develop a tailor-made software solution that produces meaningful information from the data.

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IMSL Numerical Libraries and submarine acoustics case study

Even the smallest noise can make the crew of a submarine extremely vulnerable. Therefore, the acoustic profile of modern submarines is taken into account from the design phase. Nevertheless, for various reasons (wear and tear, aging, poor assembly) an unacceptable level of sound may still arise. To be able to remedy this, there must be tools that enable these sounds to be attributed to one or more devices operating in the vessel.

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TIE Kinetix case study

TIE Kinetix is a leading provider of busines-to-business (B2B) e-commerce software that bridges the gap between online and traditional business, enabling companies of all sizes to automate the exchange of business information electronically. 

To help expand the market for TIE eVision software, TIE Kinetix wanted to give its customers the choice to deploy eVision on multiple different database, hardware, and operating system environments. By utilizing Rogue Wave SourcePro, TIE Kinetix was able to offer this choice and has saved a lot of time and cost in supporting and migrating to new platforms and databases.

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