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CAS complex simulations case study

Wyle’s CAS Group reduces development cycles, costs, and experiences significant performance gains...

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Software supply chain series part 1: Three ways to secure your software supply chain

Organizations are really concerned with cyber-attacks, but not all organizations know the best way to address the issue...

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Reduce your open source security risk: Strategies, tactics, and tools

Open source software is here to stay but that doesn't mean that developers can use it without considering the vulnerabilities and security issues they may introduce into their development projects.

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3 part series by Forrester Research: How businesses can succeed in the age of the customer

In this three part series, Kurt Bittner, principal analyst with Forrester Research talks about how businesses can succeed in the age of the customer, and why developers matter now, more than ever.

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Fixing a pre-release breakdown in critical banking authentication

It's difficult to diagnose mission-critical software problems when your system is built by multiple teams using a mix of proprietary and open source code - especially when no single team is familiar with the package in question. It's even more of a challenge when the problem is with a cross-network application that's being deployed within less than a week.

Read this case study to see how our open source technical support team not only diagnosed the root cause of the problem, they also worked with the customer to re-engineer the faulty code and resolve the issue in time to meet the release date.

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Four strategies to reduce your open source risk

Try to think of a single system in the world that hasn’t been touched by open source software. Whether included in the product or as part of the development environment, open source plays a dominant role in the success of software development teams everywhere. it’s not surprising that every developer has their favorite open source tool to solve particular problems because they understand the substantial time and cost savings when reusing code built by an expert. code they don’t have to worry about.

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Maintaining older versions long after the OSS community moved on

A big challenge in open source software is keeping up to date with the latest and greatest releases, features, and bug fixes. This churn strains productivity and resources to the point where choosing not to upgrade systems is becoming a common practice among organizations.

Read this case study to learn how our experienced and efficient open source technical support ported newer fixes back to older versions of the software. The organization minimized disruptions while taking advantage of the latest OSS enhancements.

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Rogue Wave tools and libraries for academia and research

Technical computing drives research in every scientific domain, including physics, chemistry, life science, mathematics, and earth science, and supports projects across government labs and universities. In this report, senior analyst Michael Feldman from Intersect360 Research discusses the current scientific and HPC developer market and presents an analysis of how unique tools and libraries from Rogue Wave Software increase developer productivity and reduce deployment and maintenance costs.

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