SOA and API convergence: What it means for IBM customers

SOA governance and API management each have attributes that lead to important differences and important similarities between them. Misunderstanding or ignoring these attributes will lead to a confused and conflicted enterprise where service consumption does not evolve alongside service production, resulting in the opposite of the benefits that SOA and API intend to offer.

Implementation of different models of convergence leads to long term success or failure depending on each convergence model’s ability to capitalize on the strengths of both SOA and API management technology. The ideal convergence model starts with the intersection of a robust SOA governance solution and a robust API management solution, leveraging the strengths of each. Over time coevolution of the two technologies leads to a single unified solution that perfectly balances service production and service consumption.

Akana and IBM WebSphere DataPower offer a unified solution for SOA and API management that follows the correct model of convergence on the IBM platform. Akana provides key features such as lifecycle management, runtime management, community management, and DataPower automation for both internal SOA services and external APIs across the enterprise. IBM WebSphere DataPower offers a first class SOA and API gateway to host services managed and modelled by Akana. DataPower’s rich SOA and API features and deep integration with the full IBM platform, together with Akana, makes convergence on the IBM platform strategic, cost effective, and unified.

Posted: 3/22/2015
Tags: Akana white paper, API management, IBM WebSphere DataPower, SOA, white paper

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