3 part series by Forrester Research: How businesses can succeed in the age of the customer

In this three part series, Kurt Bittner, principal analyst with Forrester Research talks about how businesses can succeed in the age of the customer, and why developers matter now, more than ever.

Part one takes a look at the industry, customer expectations, and what is driving application delivery today. In part two, Kurt discusses what’s in it for you, the developer, and how you can apply various techniques to drive application software delivery models to the next level. Part three dives deeper into where and how products from Rogue Wave Software can help a business achieve results at the various stages of the delivery cycle.

Part 1: What is driving application delivery?

Part 2: What's in it for you?

Part 3: Where does Rogue Wave fit in?

Posted: 3/30/2016
Tags: research, video