Fixing a pre-release breakdown in critical banking authentication

It's difficult to diagnose mission-critical software problems when your system is built by multiple teams using a mix of proprietary and open source code - especially when no single team is familiar with the package in question. It's even more of a challenge when the problem is with a cross-network application that's being deployed within less than a week.

Read this case study to see how our open source technical support team not only diagnosed the root cause of the problem, they also worked with the customer to re-engineer the faulty code and resolve the issue in time to meet the release date.

When multiple enterprise and offshore development teams collaborate on a mission critical 
application that relies on both open source and proprietary software, it can be difficult to diagnose 
problems. OpenLogic support provides the expertise necessary to troubleshoot complex issues, collaborate on solutions, and deliver results. 

Posted: 8/22/2014
Tags: case study, support & services

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