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Rogue Wave Software provides the only commercial-grade support for open source software that’s backed by a team of Tier 4 open source architects. Whether the problem exists in one package or is caused by a mix of packages and infrastructure, our support team has the expertise and experience to solve issues across hundreds of the most popular open source packages, including Apache Web Server, ActiveMQ, CentOS Linux, Tomcat, Wildfly, and MySQL. Our 24 x 7 support with guaranteed SLAs ensures consistent uptime for your most critical applications by giving unfettered access to the experts.

Now’s your chance to see what open source support can do for you!

For a limited time, Rogue Wave is offering one free support ticket. It’s your chance to put our support services to the test. Submit your complimentary support ticket today.

Benefits of open source support

  • Guaranteed SLAs with all support contracts
  • Access to open source expert consultants
  • Troubleshoot complex issues and get answers to your open source questions
  • Ensure consistent uptime for critical applications containing open source

Download the 2017 Open Source Support Report

Open source software is leveraged for flexibility and innovation, but can seem impossible to support.

Taking real support data from across different types of organizations, the Open Source Support Report looks at the statistics, realities, and results of open source in the field.

  • Open source trends of 2016
  • Real examples of OSS landmines (and how they’re conquered)
  • Best practices and models for supporting OSS

Whether it's understanding how to use a particular function or choosing which packages to use within an overall architecture, this report gives you the data you need to best use OSS support within your organization.

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