75% of the Global 2000 use Rogue Wave software
to power their software development



A global hospitality giant trusts us to run $14 billion of reservations through their systems.



A pharmacy leader relies on us to fulfill 5 million prescriptions a day across 68,000 retail locations with no downtime.



Elektrobit uses us to verify and validate millions of lines of code for over 1 billion automotive embedded devices.
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Unparalleled expertise to build your software better

Our people are your people. They know sophisticated, mission-critical software inside and out. And because they deal with it on a daily basis, they are uniquely equipped to provide tested platforms, tools, components, and support that streamline key aspects of the development lifecycle:

  • Simplify complex software development
  • Improve application quality and security
  • Shorten software development cycle times
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We can help you innovate with confidence
across all areas of software development

Open Source Support

Static Code Analysis

API Management

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& Deployment

Embedded Analytics

Dynamic Analysis

Code Building Blocks

Application Security

Application Performance Management

and Modernization