What's new in JViews

JViews offers the broadest set of high-performance interactive advanced graphic components for building a wide variety of business, scientific, and data exploration graphical user interfaces. In addition to real-time performance, custom interaction, and ability to scale large data sets, JViews provides visual tools to quickly and easily configure and customize your user interface.

Screenshots: JViews 10 reports

JViews 8.10 includes the following updates

Web security

We've audited and reinforced JViews web interfaces and services to protect against corrupted input data, cross-scripting attacks, and log forging prevention, among other security enhancements. These improvements conform to the OWASP Top 10 recommendations.

Additional improvements

Download the newest version, or email us to discuss your options for upgrading to JViews 8.10.

You can learn more about JViews here or click on the image below to play with our interactive demos.