Views Maps features

High-performance asset management maps

Display, extend and customize maps and geographic images in your applications. Create maps with multiple layers of both raster and vector map data, and overlay data-aware graphic objects representing the current status of equipment, vehicles or other managed resources. Monitor the position and status of an application’s assets with a spatial display.

visualization maps sample
Sample map with mixed data sets
visualization maps sample
Georeferenced objects

Geo-referencing services

Understand more and make better decisions as you visualize monitored assets in their correct locations. Place assets in proper locations with automatic geo-referencing of graphic objects. Simply indicate the latitude and longitude of the objects to be placed on the map, and Views Maps will calculate the exact position.

Numerous map projections

Maps can be created from a variety of map data sources, and also displayed in the projection best suited to the application users. Views Maps supports many of the map projections used to represent map data, and can automatically convert the data from one projection to another. 


Create rich map backdrops with a mix of map data from different sources. So you can use satellite information overlaid with road networks to create rich, visual user experience. Vector and raster data can be easily combined in the same map.


Build a more responsive map display across large to very large sets of map data using the Views load-on-demand service. See subsets of data on the display as it is loaded from the disk rather than wait for the entire data set to load.

Open data access

Save time by using the pre-built readers and connectors. Views Maps has out-of-the-box map readers for all of the popular map data formats, including ShapeFile, DTED, CADRG, S57, Oracle Spatial, and image formats (GIF, JPEG, BMP, etc.).

Completely customizable

Create customized mapping applications, including the look of the map as well as the interactions and all graphic objects placed on top of the map. Extend and tailor your maps with our software development kit (SDK).