Views Graph layout features

Automatically organize diagram displays

Deliver the most understandable views of data and relationships with this collection of sophisticated algorithms. With Views Graph, compute positions of the elements — the “nodes” and “links” — of a diagram (or graph) tailored to your data sets and user needs.

visualization views graph sample 1
visualization views graph sample 2
visualization views graph sample 3

Examples of different graph layout algorithms


A variety of node layout algorithms

Find and apply the right node layout algorithm for your particular topology and application domain. 

Link layout supported

Build a cleaner, more readable display for users with fewer link crossings. Using our proprietary link routing algorithms minimizes the number of link crossings. Choose from different algorithm settings and link styles, including orthogonal links, polyline links, and direct connection links.

Fine tuning parameters

Don't settle for algorithm “default settings.” Easily specify the layout direction, spacing between nodes and links, and how links should connect to nodes with a variety of control parameters. Each algorithm type has its own unique set of tuning parameters.

Fully customizable

Meet the requirements of your end users by delivering the exact layout, look, and interaction capability.  Views Graph Layout has a complete application programming interface (API), to customize any part of the diagram display, including:


Just like Views, Views Graph runs on Windows, UNIX and Linux. Code developed in one environment can deploy effortlessly to other Windows, Unix, and Linux platforms, removing the need to purchase a chart development product for each platform.