Views features

Portable, high-performance user interfaces

Go ahead, build even the most demanding application with Views. The leading C++ library for building highly visual and interactive GUIs, Views is ideally suited to applications for supervision and monitoring, diagramming, and graphical modelers across all industries. GUIs are easily ported across most Windows®, Unix®, and Linux® platforms.

visualization network monitoring sample
Network Monitoring Sample
visualization process control sample
Process Control Sample

Full spectrum GUI controls

Reduce development time and maintenance support with a rich set of standard and advanced user interface controls ready to use out-of-the-box, including the most common user interface controls:

  • Buttons and toggles
  • Scrollbars and sliders
  • Text fields
  • Lists
  • Trees
  • Menus and toolbars
  • Spreadsheets

Views is a completely proprietary, fully portable GUI development toolkit with Windows and UNIX/Motif look-and-feel.

GUI builder

Views includes a powerful, intuitive, user interface builder. Create user interfaces using simple drag-and-drop operations with advanced features like attachment, alignment and focus-chain management and testing capabilities.

High-performance graphics capability

Designed to handle the largest problem sets while ensuring optimal display responsiveness for end users. With Views, you can confidently develop sophisticated user interfaces with a high-performance 2D structured graphics engine.

Effective interactions

Deliver the exact interaction capabilities end users need. Access a wide range of pre-defined user interactions, all of which can be extended and customized with the Views software developer’s kit (SDK). These include the capability to:

Advanced features

Portability made easy

Port Views user interfaces across platforms without writing additional code. Deploy effortlessly to other Windows, Unix, and Linux environments with a simple recompile. Views C++ API protects users from platform-specific code and ensures maximum portability.