Views Charts features

High performance chart components

A rich set of high-performance chart components for user interfaces.

visualization views chart sample 1
visualization views chart sample 2
visualization views chart sample 3

Sample Views Charts displays


Supports a broad variety of chart formats and annotations

  • Bars
  • Lines, points and areas
  • Stairs
  • High-lows
  • Stacked charts
  • Bubbles
  • Pies
  • Linear or logarithmic scales
  • Charts with multiple axes
  • Legend displays

Rapid application development

Easily set the layout parameters of chart components (e.g., scales, grids, legends or displayers) with Charts graphical user interface (GUI) builder integration. Views Charts also uses the well-known model view-controller (MVC) architecture to separate the data model, rendering, and interactions to customize chart parameters, while reducing a developer's learning curve. 

Real-time data support

Views Charts provides native support for dynamic data and is optimized for high-performance chart display, real-time video-like updates for the most demanding applications.

Powerful interactions

Access the most common interaction modes, all of which can be extended and customized using the software development kit. Deliver the exact interaction capability user want and need, including:


Views Charts runs on Windows, UNIX and Linux. Code developed in one environment can be deployed effortlessly to other Windows, Unix, and Linux platforms., removing the need to purchase a chart development product for each platform.