Server - Supervision Application

Connecting Supervision GUIs

Rapid Response and Complete Connectivity

The supervision centers of complex networks like those in telecommunications, transportation and gas distribution must share information among scores of operators in real time to enable them to respond within seconds to a malfunction or other unexpected event. This makes the software linking their graphical user interfaces (GUIs) invaluable. It must deliver high performance and scalability as a middle-tier mediation server, and lend itself readily to maintenance and expansion.

Stay in Sync

Rogue Wave Server can synchronize hundreds of GUIs and connect them to the data flow of a network. When an alarm is triggered in the network, it is sent directly to an operator, and the operator’s response is instantly shared with other operators throughout the supervision system. Rogue Wave Server shortens the time between alarm acquisition and display even when several events per second must be processed and the system has thousands of objects.

Supports Knowledge Integration into Supervision Systems

Rogue Wave Server can efficiently map a physical description of a network to one or more graphical displays. These displays are then shared among computers to ensure communication among operators. Rogue Wave Server provides the high-performance synchronization services needed for supervision applications. It frees system integrators to concentrate on delivering their core expertise instead of spending valuable time building a server support system to link widely distributed GUIs. Supervision systems are delivered faster and serve longer with Rogue Wave Server.