DB Link features

Simplified database interface for C++ applications

DB Link packages all the features of various relational database management systems (RDBMS) through a simplified C++ interface. Easily handle simultaneous connections to one or more databases.

Simple interface

Quickly master the concepts with a streamlined approach to complete RDBMS database access. DBLink uses only three classes which encapsulate:

  1. The current connection
  2. All input and output data handling and query processing
  3. The error handling mechanism

By simply adding a few lines of code, your application will retrieve and modify data from one or more databases using an interface that is independent of the RDBMS itself.

Complex connection

Support complex — and multiple — database manipulations in a unified manner. DB Link supports multiple statement executions and connections, allowing applications to simultaneously:

Fully portable

Freedom to choose and to change. Easily adapt to changes in the choice of database vendor, and across different operating systems with code portability and RDBMS application programming interface (API) independence. The application can be targeted towards a specific RDBMS or be built independently of the run-time RDBMS connections.

Efficient implementation

Minimize execution cost with optimized connection and access services to efficiently handle data transfer and query bindings.