Build high-performance interactive advanced graphical displays for desktop and web application

Demand for highly sophisticated, business-oriented graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that display mass amounts of data in great details and in real time is a requirement for many organizations. For many of these organizations and applications, text and numbers aren't enough. You need to see data displayed graphically to be able to quickly comprehend its meaning. Representing data graphically in charts, diagrams, and maps helps you understand the complex information, and allows you to respond to rapidly changing events.

JViews provides the industry’s most comprehensive set of graphics tools for creating sophisticated highly-interactive, highly-graphical, and high-performance displays.

Developing applications for complex, interactive displays with real-time response is time consuming. Users of these applications demand informative, interactive, extensible user interfaces. The Visualization products provide extensive pre-built components for charts, diagrams, and maps. The extendible toolset provides an IDE to rapidly develop complex UI's reducing development time by 50-80 percent.

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Build highly graphical and intuitive user interfaces with JViews advanced graphical components.

JViews Maps for Defense

Deliver high-performance Java cartography for mission-critical military applications.

Derived from the JViews Maps product, it adds domain-specific functionality for military programs. Create custom military command-and-control applications using high performance 2D and 3D map representations and data-aware symbols for handling position and status in real-time.

JViews Maps for Defense provides custom map displays for military applications using:

JViews Telecom Graphic Objects

Build Operations Support Systems interfaces with this complete set of customizable components. Most standard views are available including tree, table, map-based network and equipment representations.

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