Elixir Enterprise

Elixir 2016 has been released, click here to learn what's new.

Extend your Apache or Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR platforms with this full spectrum of advanced graphical displays delivering interactive and intuitive visuals for the most demanding applications. Bring powerful images, illustrations, and interactivity to your application through graphical displays, including those for network and business process monitoring, real time components, scheduling, and project management. Give users an unparalleled experience with applications that enrich understanding and allow powerful data manipulation through visual elements.


Elixir Enterprise has a complete set of GUI building blocks.

  • Advanced components:
    • 3D charts, radar charts, and tree map charts
    • Dials, gauges, and spark lines
    • Organization charts
    • Maps and heat maps
    • Timelines and calendars
    • Resource-oriented and task-oriented schedules
  • Fully customizable and interactive components
  • Full support of Adobe Flex 4.6 and Apache Flex 4.15

We have dozens of interactive online demos illustrating the capabilities and uses of Rogue Wave Elixir Enterprise. Click here to try them yourself.

To learn more about Elixir Enterprise and its components download the datasheet.

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