What's new with TotalView for HPC

Delivering safe, robust code requires tools that help identify potential issues early, fit cleanly into development environments, and minimize impact on delivery times. The new TotalView for HPC delivers unbeatable platform, language, and compiler support for applications.

TotalView 2017.3

Improved inline and optimized code debugging

Significant improvements were made to the way TotalView debugs inline functions. TotalView is now able to step the debugging session through the functions and show the local variables for each inline function call.

Evaluation points performance

TotalView now evaluates most evaluation point expressions within the TotalView server, providing faster performance. Some expressions may still need to be evaluated on the front-end portion of the debugger, depending on the complexity of the expression or variable data being accessed.


TotalView has been validated against the latest release of the CUDA SDK, CUDA 9.

Utilize Leak Detection and Reverse Debugging within your CI Process

Provided several how-to articles, scripts and examples so you can learn how to integrate leak detection and leverage the power of reverse debugging to quickly solve test failures within your CI process. These are available in the examples/CIExamples of your product’s installation directory.

Early Access to the NextGen TotalView User Interface

This early version of the NextGen interface continues to add features and is available so we can gather feedback from TotalView users on its updated capabilities. To try out the new user interface, start TotalView with the -newUI switch:

totalview –newUI

For more details on the new UI, see the in-product help through the Help | Contents menu item. New features added to the NextGen user interface in this release include:

Currently, the next generation UI is supported on Linux x86 64-bit, Linux PowerLE, Linux ARM64, and Apple’s macOS platforms. It supports multi-process and multi-threaded debugging as well as a level of parallel, MPI and CUDA debugging. Functionality not yet present in the UI is available through the command line interface (CLI). Please send email to tv-beta@roguewave.com with your feedback and feature priorities. We welcome all feedback and feature requests for the new user interface.

For more details please refer to the TotalView release notes.