What's new with TotalView for HPC

Delivering safe, robust code requires tools that help identify potential issues early, fit cleanly into development environments, and minimize impact on delivery times. The new TotalView for HPC delivers unbeatable platform, language, and compiler support for applications.

TotalView 2018

License server support for Linux PowerLE and Linux ARM64

On Linux PowerLE and Linux ARM64 platforms, TotalView requires the use of FlexNet Embedded license technology. With 2018, license server support has been added, enabling the sharing of team-based tokens across multiple systems of the same architecture. Contact license@roguewave.com if you need to convert your existing single node FlexNet Embedded style license to a license server version.

The NextGen TotalView user interface

TotalView’s new UI continues to add new or updated features. To try out the new user interface, start TotalView with the -newUI switch:

totalview -newUI

For more details on the new UI, see the in-product help through the Help | Contents menu item. New features added to the NextGen user interface in this release include:

Currently, the next generation UI is supported on Linux x86 64-bit, Linux PowerLE, Linux ARM64, and Apple Mac OS X platforms. It supports multi-process and multi-threaded debugging as well as a level of parallel, MPI, and CUDA debugging. Functionality not yet present in the UI is available through the command line interface (CLI).

To provide feedback and input into feature priorities, please send an email to tv-beta@roguewave.com. We welcome all feedback and feature requests for the new user interface.

For more details please refer to the TotalView release notes.