What's New in SourcePro

SourcePro 2016 brings better ways of accessing data stores, smaller memory footprint, optimized performance, and conformance to the latest security standards.

SourcePro 2016.3

SourcePro 2016.3 is 100 percent backward compatible with SourcePro 2016.x. It conforms to the latest security standards, improves usability, and supports the latest platforms, compilers, and databases.

SourcePro 2016 ARM evaluation

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  • All SourcePro modules conform with the latest security standards including CWE, CERT, OWASP, DISA STIG and the latest MISRA-C 2012

Platform/3rd party support updates:

  • Upgraded Oracle 12c to 12.2
  • Upgraded Oracle Developer Studio support to 12.6
  • Upgraded PostgreSQL to 9.6
  • Upgraded OpenSSL support to 1.1
  • Upgraded ICU to 59.1