SourcePro Net

SourcePro® Net handles the creation of secure or non-secure networked and Internet-enabled applications by focusing on the granular details of socket programming and Internet protocols. Ddesigned with a layered architecture, Developers can code with the most abstract layer for ease of use, or access the protocol layer if they need fine control over critical details.

SourcePro Net Modules

Essential Networking

Offers an intuitive, high-level API for networking applications, allowing developers to focus on their application logic. This module is designed with a flexible three-layer architecture. The low-level Communication Adapter Layer offers fine-grained control over the details of the socket protocol while the Portal Layer provides a single interface to multiple platforms, network services and protocols. Finally, the high-level Communication Services Layer allows for transport-independent communication services, letting developers stream data across a network without needing to know how the data is sent.

Internet Protocols

Provide a clean, intuitive API for developing Internet-enabled client-side applications, abstracting away the complexity of dealing directly with the granular details of the major Internet protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, POP3, and SMTP.

The module provides conditional support for the HTTP 1.1 specification, including support for PUT, TRACE, DELETE, OPTIONS, GET, POST and HEAD, as well as user-defined methods. It also facilitates connections with multiple servers for improved performance and offers support for persistent connections, resumable downloading and authorization.

The Internet Protocols Module is designed with a two-layer architecture. The Agent Layer offers a simple, higher-level interface to major Internet protocols, while the Client Layer provides control over the fine-grained details of a given protocol.

Finally, the MIME Package in the Internet Protocols module offers a higher-level, intuitive API that encapsulates the low-level details of the MIME message format.

Secure Communication

Provides an easy-to-understand API for developing secure networked and Internet-enabled applications. Its module’s consistent interface allows developers to easily transform HTTP applications into HTTPS applications.

The Secure Communication Module also offers a C++ API to the SSL/TLS implementations, including the Open SSL implementation, providing a higher-level, consistent C++ interface to the security algorithms.

SourcePro Net Features

Features Benefits
Flexible, layered architecture Choose the level of abstraction right for the application.
Clean, intuitive API for developing secure or non-secure networking and Internet-enabled applications Easy to understand and become productive quickly without having to master the low-level details of dealing with sockets, Internet protocols and SSL/TLS directly.
Intuitive C++ interface to the Berkeley socket API Developers who have used the de facto standard-Berkeley socket API-in the past will quickly master the Essential Networking Module's C++ socket API.
Flexible C++ encapsulations of key Internet protocols including FTP, HTTP, SMTP or POP3 Perform complete protocol transactions with minimal code to quickly add Internet capabilities to C++ client applications or drill down for control over the fine-grained details of the protocol.
Conditional support for the HTTP 1.1 specification Provides a C++ implementation of key areas of the latest HTTP specification, allowing developers to take advantage of specification improvements and create Internet applications conforming to the latest standards.
C++ encapsulation of the MIME message format Encapsulates the low-level details of the MIME message format with a higher-level, intuitive API, reducing development time and allowing developers to quickly add MIME support to their applications.
Support for both encryption and authentication (X509 certificates) Provides everything needed to quickly implement a simple secure connection between a client and a server.
Intuitive API for secure communication using HTTPS Higher-level, intuitive API to the HTTPS protocol reduces development time because developers don't have to deal with protocol level code.
Based on proven, respected SSL/TLS implementations Higher-level, consistent C++ interface to the leading vendors' security algorithms that developers know and trust.

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