SourcePro DB

Build once, deploy with any database.

SourcePro® DB provides an object-oriented interface that abstracts away the complexity of writing database applications, yet allows developers to drill down to the native database client libraries if needed. It supplies a consistent, high-level C++ interface to relational databases, increasing security, speeding development and reducing complexity.

SourcePro DB Overview

SourcePro DB offers a layered architecture consisting of the database-independent Interface module and a variety of database-specific access modules giving direct access to the latest versions of Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Sybase and PostgreSQL data bases - as well as an ODBC driver for other databases like Informix and NoSQL data bases like Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis...

SourcePro DB offers significant benefits for developers working with a single database or multiple databases:

  • Build once, deploy everywhere; developers need to learn only a single interface since SourcePro DB provides a consistent object-oriented API across all supported vendor databases. Using a single intuitive C++ interface minimize application maintenance and errors.
  • Increased security as the SourcePro DB module is conforming to the latest security standards, including CWE, CERT, OWASP, DISA STIG, and MISRA.

Minimum maintenance

  • SourcePro adapts each database module to take advantage of the new features and improvements provided by the latest releases while shielding the applications from eventual compatibility issues.
  • Each new release of SourcePro brings support for the latest operating systems available as well as databases versions and updates.

Maximum performance

  • To further maximize performance, developers whose database metadata doesn’t change frequently can activate a result-set schema and metadata caching (schemas, keys, and constraints).
  • SourcePro uses the latest improvements from C++ standards, compilers, databases and operating systems to optimize the various data base modules.
  • SourcePro DB’s OpenSQL API helps developers maximize performance on a specific database by providing lower-level access via a statement-based architecture, allowing developers to create their own SQL, bind the variables to the statement, and execute the statement.

Handling large data sets

Big data and fast processing are the challenges of today and SourcePro DB is more than up to it. Supporting key cloud providers such as SQL Azure and Oracle, SourcePro DB connects seamlessly to cloud-based data and elastic-scale tools to solve your big relational data set needs.

SourcePro DB also provides a unique feature to manage both relational and NoSQL data through the same ODBC connection support, allowing you to connect to Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis, and more.

With SourcePro DB, you can move analytics into the database with native support for embedded analytics solutions such as IMSL Numerical Library for .NET with SQL Server, JMSL Library with Oracle, and using IMSL C Library analytics with SourcePro DB.

If you are interested by working on a specific solution, don’t hesitate to contact us.

SourcePro DB Features

Features Benefits
Consistent, object-oriented programming interface to multiple back-end databases Encapsulates leading relational database vendors' APIs and is universal for all applications regardless of which database is used.Frees developers from dealing with the low-level details of a particular database vendor's API, allowing them to concentrate on domain-specific issues and build appropriate data models.Allows developers to write programs that are reusable with many different types of relational databases.Allows developers to drill down to the native database APIs for added control when needed.Be freed from having to generate SQL programmatically.
C++ classes that encapsulate SQL 92 Data Manipulation Language (DML) and Data Definition Language (DDL) constructs Quickly learn to code multi-database applications because only one API must be learned.Higher-level abstractions allow for shorter, cleaner applications and facilitate code reuse.
Open SQL interface Take advantage of database-specific features to maximize performance.Gain tight control over statements and their binding and execution semantics.
Optional schema caching Improves performance in situations where database schemas do not change often.
"Native" Access Modules for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase and ODBC Provides native, high-performance implementations for supported vendor databases. Port to other databases with no code changes. The same API philosophy across all classes, to minimize internal training cost.

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