Migrating from Tools 7.0.6 to SourcePro 13.1

Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4, or Oracle C++ Compiler v5.13 no longer supports the C++ Rogue Wave tools.h++ Library.

You may be affected if:

  • Your application was compiled with the –library=rwtools7 or –library=rwtools7_dbg flags.
  • Your application is using Rogue Wave classes, usually with class names prefixed by RW, such as RWCString, RWTime, RWTPtrSortedVector.

rwtools7 embedded in Oracle compilers was not a Rogue Wave product, and was independently maintained by Oracle (previously by Sun) for at least 10 years after it was licensed from Rogue Wave. The decision to offset rwtools7 from their compiler was solely an Oracle decision. As Oracle itself points out, the rwtools7 library contains bugs that were fixed a long time ago in SourcePro.

More information regarding your options follow below, but if you're ready to speak with an expert regarding a migration assessment, we're here to help. Contact us at: sales@roguewave.com.

Options to move your application forward

Options Benefits
Continue to use an Oracle Solaris Studio version that contains rwtools7 While this solves the short term issue and it may feel attractive for legacy applications, most customers will at some point require a migration necessitated by changes to the application, or a change in hardware.
Rewrite equivalent functionality of rwtools7 using an alternative library This is the most costly and risky proposition as there is no one-to-one mapping for the RW classes in the Standard Template Library or Boost. This will require development effort, code changes, and extensive retesting.
Replace rwtools7 functionality with equivalent SourcePro classes, in most cases, a one-to-one mapping. This is by far the easiest solution.

We continue to keep a similar product to rwtools7, SourcePro, up to date. Since it was known as tools.h++, and last licensed to Sun (now Oracle) we've released 15 major versions of SourcePro. SourcePro is in active development, and used in thousands of critical applications.

Oracle is not providing any clear guidance or migration path for applications currently using those flags or classes in their application. To support those customers currently using rwtools7, our Technical Services team developed a migration plan.

We'd like to help smooth your migration.

We're offering a Migration Assessment for rwtools7 to help determine the best option for your application. Often, the applications using rwtools7 are dated, and may require a more comprehensive assessment.

This 1-2 day paid assessment consists of

  • Interviews with your team to identify how your application is built and what components you are using.
  • A tailored migration strategy for your application.
  • Comprehensive report, including ROI, risk-assessment, and a work estimate for the migration to SourcePro.
  • Possible alternatives and recommended actions.

Our Technical services team offers consulting packages to either enable your team to begin the migration, manage the complete migration, or any option in between. (A traditional migration effort is between one week and one month.)

Migrating to SourcePro on your own

If you decide to migrate on your own to SourcePro, we've published a migration guide here.

For more information, please contact sales@roguewave.com.

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