SourcePro® Architecture

SourcePro Core: the foundation

SourcePro Architecture

SourcePro Core offers an extensive set of C++ components that present a consistent, and portable API for developing secure, portable, high-performance, reliable applications. It contains a wide set of fundamental and advanced C++ components that handle many of the intricacies of the C++ language and provides a complete framework for the internationalization and localization of applications targeted for the global market.

SourcePro provides three additional add-ons

These options to SourcePro provide additional capabilities for database, networking and mathematical analysis:

SourcePro DB abstracts the complexity of writing database applications, yet allows developers to drill down to the native database client libraries if needed.

SourcePro Net lets developers create secure and non-secure networked and Internet-enabled applications by handling the granular details of socket programming and Internet protocols that expedites the timely delivery of quality applications.

SourcePro Analysis contains a full range of C++ components for solving mathematical problems in business and research. The algorithms they encapsulate can be relied upon for accurate and precise calculations.

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