Static code analysis done right

Get the most from your static code analysis (SCA) efforts. Create a powerful combination of advanced technology and services to maximize your commitment to great, secure code. Our static code analysis services help find the right checkers for your organization, your projects and your teams, ensure reports tell you what you need to know, and get everyone on the same page. We're committed to your success.

Our experts are here to guide deployment, provide hands-on training for your team, or assist with custom integrations.

Get to value faster with the right services

  • Ensure your success with our expertise and industry experience
  • Reduce the learning curve for your team, get to deployment faster
  • Apply planning and risk management advice from industry experts
  • Absorb effective knowledge transfer through hands-on training

Klocwork Onboarding Services

Implementing a static analysis tool requires careful planning and ongoing communication within your organization. The Klocwork Onboarding Services are an essential part of this process, helping start your deployment off on the right foot. We have standard fast track, and premium packages as well as custom enterprise packages tailored to suit your specific requirements and environment.

Fast track Premium Enterprise
Klocwork Server Installations 1 Maximum of 3 As required
Build server installations Maximum of 21 Maximum of 62 As required3
Desktop setup Maximum of 10 users Maximum of 20 users As required
Team education
  1. Application build, analysis & triage (for 1 application)
  2. Application build, analysis & triage (for 2 application)
  3. Application build, analysis & triage of designated applications

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Onboarding services include:

Klocwork server installation

Build server installation

Desktop setup

Team education

Migration services

Transition to the latest version of Klocwork or from your existing SCA tool. Our team provides a comprehensive, efficient plan and then assists with actual deployment so you will be up and running faster.

Migration services include: