Code migration and modernization services

Architecture migration ensures your applications are running on the most secure and best-performing runtimes, frameworks, and platforms. Our consultants focus on identifying key application requirements and potential areas of code that may require changes during a migration. Once a clear strategy for the environment and application design is established, our consultants guide you through implementation of the code modifications and environment upgrades. Application modernization allows companies to transform their business logic and legacy code to address modern requirements such as web enablement, exposing business functionality to mobile consumption via APIs, and overall agility to address business needs. This hands-on mentoring approach provides developers the skills and confidence to move forward with the migration of their applications.

RHEL/Linux to CentOS migration

If you’re migrating from Red Hat Enterprise Linux to CentOS or building a new enterprise-grade Linux environment, our architects ensure a seamless transition and delivery for production systems. We also assist with migrating from an earlier CentOS version to the latest enterprise-ready release. Our open source consulting architects are backed by a dedicated, independent CentOS development team to provide support across your entire stack and provide hotfixes and patches from our own CentOS repository. Our CentOS Linux consulting, training, and support provide the expertise and experience necessary to deploy and maintain your critical production systems.

PHP modernization

Our PHP architecture migration services help organizations successfully update their PHP applications to take advantage of the most modern, secure, and best-performing versions of PHP or Zend Framework. PHP 7 delivers a significant performance and resource utilization boost, driving much better throughput. Old, unsupported PHP versions expose many well-documented security risks leaving applications vulnerable to malicious attacks. Migrating to a new PHP runtime or a new PHP application framework is not always simple. To benefit from new capabilities of the platform, incompatible legacy code must be identified and replaced, new technologies should be utilized, and new methodologies should be adopted. Understanding the potential issues accelerates the migration effort and streamlines the transition for development and IT teams, thereby saving time, unexpected costs, and frustration.

IBM i modernization

For many organizations running IBM i, the green screen is the common interface to back-end data, business logic, and services. In today’s browser-based world of rich user experiences, the demand for web-enabled technologies is very strong and IBM i developers are under increasing pressure to expose data and deliver interfaces closer to what users see elsewhere and further from their traditional skillsets. PHP runs natively on IBM i, meaning no additional servers or software are required. The infrastructure, data, and business logic that’s already in place is accessible immediately upon installation, with no changes to the software and databases that already exist. Our modernization experts significantly accelerate the route to web and mobile-enabled IBM i environments and deliver modern applications that take advantage of the value offered by adopting open source technologies. We ensure that your staff has the skills and tools they need to build robust web apps, APIs, and business applications in PHP running natively on IBM i.

Open source software modernization

Open source powers many business-critical applications and continues to grow in the enterprise. Ninety-nine percent of the Global 2000 companies will use open source software by 2016 (Gartner); however, up to 60 percent do not track vulnerabilities and regularly maintain their environments. Our team of open source architects will examine your application runtime environments and ensure your application stacks are compliant with the latest security fixes and take advantage of the latest capabilities. Our experts are backed by development and support teams dedicated to supporting and contributing to multiple open source projects including leading technologies such as PHP, CentOS, and ActiveMQ. Modernize and upgrade your open source production environments with confidence and reduce risks by partnering with our architecture team.

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