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Continuous delivery assessment

Companies are rethinking their application delivery methodologies and investing in DevOps automation practices to deliver robust applications. Rogue Wave has developed the blueprint for continuous delivery, designed to simplify and accelerate the process of bringing high-quality applications from code to production. The continuous delivery assessment allows companies to develop an effective roadmap to adoption of automation in their software delivery processes. Our consultants will present recommendations on the best routes and proper technology investments to progress towards an integrated continuous delivery approach and improvements to maximize the efficiency of the DevOps teams.

Our consultants will interview your development and operations leaders to understand their business objectives and technical goals and will evaluate the relevant processes and procedures around the application’s development and delivery, level of automation, coding and testing practices, and tools utilized by your teams. The data will then be assessed in relation to the requirements of the different continuous delivery blueprint steps as well as best practices developed and implemented in similar organizations.

Download the Continuous Delivery Assessment datasheet.

Continuous delivery automation implementation

Adopting continuous delivery results in an average increase of 21 percent in new software delivered and 19 percent revenue increase directly attributed to the adoption of DevOps methodologies (CA). Automating software delivery benefits an organization in multiple areas.

  • Enhances developer productivity and reduces IT waste
  • Accelerates time-to-market of new functionality
  • Reduces cost of application failures resulting in quality increases
  • Increases flexibility and agility in software development and deployment

Our architects follow a comprehensive methodology based on years of expertise working with enterprise companies to implement a continuous delivery practice and adopt DevOps best practices. Our structured methodology utilizes our continuous delivery blueprint, which is a collection of patterns—best practices, code integrations, and software development kits that help organizations implement the distinct steps of the continuous delivery process and tie the entire software development cycle together. We will guide your DevOps teams through the implementation of:

  • Version control and configuration management
  • Code quality and development best practices
  • Unit testing, static code analysis, and automated testing practices
  • Application build, packaging, and continuous integration workflows
  • Application deployment automation and infrastructure provisioning techniques
  • Application performance management practices

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