Architecture consulting

Our architects ensure that your application follows established best practices of software design through a comprehensive evaluation of application code and workflows, focusing on scalability, supportability, and cloud readiness. Rogue Wave architects are experts in their fields, with many years of experience solving functional, performance, and security problems for enterprises.

As applications grow more complex, users demand better performance, and budgets need more from less, you need to deliver portability, scalability, and architecture with the agility to support rapid change. Our architecture audit is an objective, independent review of the application providing an unbiased expert assessment that significantly reduces the risk of missing or ignoring potentially critical flaws in your application architecture and ensures compliance with best practices.

Architecture advisor program

Application development organizations need to be efficient, innovative, and release reliable high-quality software to respond to continually-changing business demands. It should be no surprise that the majority of software projects are considered unsuccessful or suffered major delays that resulted in significant costs in IT spending and lost revenue. Rogue Wave partners with your developers to extend their skillset and effectiveness by providing a layer of architectural assurance, continuously assist with adoption of best practices, and implement industry-proven development methodologies.

Real expert advice is very hard to find. Our customers ask us for ongoing expert advice allowing developers to continuously evolve their skills while focusing on their code and meeting their deadlines. Our architecture advisor program provides ongoing access to a dedicated Zend PHP, Java, or open source architect from our professional services team of experts. It extends your reach to our PHP community and OSS partner ecosystem. Whether you’re starting a new project or improving an existing production application, your architecture advisor is there to assist your team periodically or on demand with software architecture and design support, rapid adoption of development practices, and finding solutions to difficult technical challenges.

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