Application security audits

Security and compliance is a major concern for enterprises – the average cost of a data breach exceeds $3.79 million (research by Ponemon Institute) – as breaches impact long-term reputation and can carry regulatory penalties. You can minimize your security risk with Rogue Wave security audits. Our audits follow a comprehensive methodology developed over years of experience in analyzing web, PHP, Java, and C/C++ environments with a focus on identifying vulnerabilities in application’s custom code. The audit delivers a detailed evaluation of your code for vulnerabilities, non-secure programming practices, and protection against a wide spectrum of known attack techniques. It consists of automated and manual penetration tests, attack-prone code pattern identification, and application transaction flow review.

Security scan

The quick scan is similar to a black-box test, during which our security engineers imitate typical techniques used by external parties trying to attack the application and scan code to identify potential vulnerabilities. The resulting scan report summarizes the main vulnerabilities and threats identified. The security scan relies on an automated process combined with a security expert analysis. It’s included by default as part of the more extensive security audit in which a security expert analyzes each vulnerability in detail. The security scan can be taken as a preliminary step prior to performing a complete code audit.

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