Turn ideas and data into meaningful graphics

Reveal valuable insights you might otherwise overlook. PV-WAVE is an array-oriented fourth-generation programming language (4GL) used by engineers, scientists, researchers, business analysts, and software developers to build and deploy visual data analysis (VDA) applications. These applications let users manipulate and visualize complex or extremely large technical datasets to detect and display patterns, trends, anomalies, and other vital information.

Quickly import and manipulate your data and interpret it visually in an easy-to-use application framework. At its core, PV-WAVE is a powerful array-based programming language with a rich set of analysis routines based on the renowned IMSL Numerical Libraries. Gain competitive advantage, see opportunities and unlock innovation by reducing your time to initial results, accelerating your development, and illustrating key knowledge contained in your data.

PV-WAVE features

Array-based language



Data import / export

Open architecture

Graphical user interface development

Visual data analysis tools

Signal processing toolkit

Advanced image processing toolkit

Database connection toolkit