Create your own support bundle

A cost-effective way to support what you need

Our customizable support bundles let you choose a cost-effective mix of open source packages that fits your environment, bringing expert troubleshooting, configuration, and architectural solutions to your team. Designed to support the most common enterprise deployments today, you gain the flexibility to choose what you want and scale as your organization grows.

You can select a support bundle by preset stacks or choose the specific packages you want in three- or six-pack bundles.

What you get

  • Guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs) with all support contracts
  • 12x5 Silver Support or 24x7 Gold Support with around-the-clock coverage
  • Access to Tier 3/4 open source architects
  • For CentOS: Access to a dedicated CentOS development team, with patches and hotfixes hosted on our own CentOS repository
  • The confidence to troubleshoot production issues, optimize performance, perform architecture and security reviews, complete system upgrades, hold on-site classroom training, and much more

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“80% of open source support tickets are related to issues beyond a single package, meaning there is no in-house knowledge to fix inter-package or environmental problems.”

- 2017 Open Source Support Report

Download the 2017 Open Source Support Report here.

Solving the open source support challenge

Open source software is everywhere from servers and storage to operating systems and entire cloud architectures. The well-known parts of your IT infrastructure are slowly being replaced by open source packages. What happens when the OSS doesn’t work? Do you have the resources, knowledge, and time to diagnose and fix it now? We do.

Support bundle options

Bundle Supported packages
Java Application Stack (LAMP for Java) Java
Choice of: CentOS or Ubuntu
Choice of: Apache Tomcat or JBoss
Choice of: MySQL or PostgreSQL
Middleware Stack ActiveMQ
Apache Camel
Choice of: Wildfly, Apache Tomcat, or Apache Kafka
Container Stack Docker
Choice of: CentOS or CoreOS
Development SDLC Stack Eclipse
Apache Maven
Choice of: SVN or Git
Choice of: JFrog Artifactory or Sonatype Nexus
3-pack bundle Any 3 of the above packages
6-pack bundle Any 6 of the above packages

If these options don’t fit your environment, fill out the form above and we'll contact you to customize the perfect package support solution.

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