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Bring expertise and around-the-clock support to your organization with Rogue Wave enhanced support for CentOS. This service offers guidance, training, and solutions to troubleshoot issues and optimize deployments along with competitive pricing. Our Tier 3/4 open source architects are backed by a dedicated, independent CentOS development team to provide support across your entire stack and provide hotfixes and patches from our own CentOS repository.

Our CentOS Linux support extends your team to provide the expertise and experience necessary to deploy and maintain your critical production systems.

Hotfix and patch support included

Rogue Wave enhanced support for CentOS provides hotfixes and patches directly through a secure repository, allowing immediate updates and action without waiting for the CentOS community to catch up. This lets you maintain a current and tested version of CentOS that includes the fixes necessary to keep your system running. All updates are contributed back to the community too, so everyone benefits.

CentOS images built for enterprises

Our support offers cloud-based CentOS images in two flavors: standard and security-hardened (certified to Center for Internet Security and OpenSCAP standards). Backed by our open source architects and a dedicated, vendor-agnostic development team, these images provide the latest and greatest CentOS packages, exceptional security, expert support, and hotfixes/patches delivered within your timeframe, not the community’s.

What you get

  • Guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs) with all support contracts
  • 12x5 Silver Support or 24x7 Gold Support with around-the-clock coverage
  • Access to Tier 3/4 open source architects and a dedicated CentOS development team
  • Patches and hotfixes hosted on our own CentOS repository
  • The confidence to troubleshoot production issues, optimize performance, perform architecture and security reviews, complete system upgrades, hold on-site classroom training, and much more

If you're using it, we cover it 24x7

Calling our support line gives you direct access to an enterprise OSS architect, charged with the same mission as anyone on your team: solve the problem smartly, quickly, and with no escalation frustration. The difference is, our architects cover the entire enterprise stack, from operating systems, application servers, and databases to middleware and development libraries. Coupled with vendor-neutral, unbiased advice and hotfix/patch support from our dedicated development team, there’s no other CentOS support service like this in the world.

You can see a sampling of the packages we support in our support stack.

Migrating from RHEL to CentOS?

If you’re moving from Red Hat Enterprise Linux to CentOS, our support services ensure a seamless transition for production systems. We also assist with migrating from an earlier CentOS version to the latest enterprise-ready release.

Unsure about migrating? Use this comparison chart to see how CentOS and Red Hat stack up on over 15 different factors, including licensing, security, package management, and available commercial support.

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Support options

These support options allow you to meet all your CentOS Linux support requirements:

Silver Support Gold Support
Hours 12x5 coverage
8am-8pm US ET (UTC-5)
24x7 coverage
(around the clock)
Problem submission Phone / online Phone / online
Initial response time 4 hours 1 hour (Severity Levels 1 & 2)
Hotfix/patch support Included Included

Both Silver and Gold support options include:

  • Price per Server / Instance / Virtual Machine
  • Unlimited CPUs and sockets per server
  • Unlimited number of support cases

One number to call

With only one number to call to speak with an open source architect, there's no need for confusing and costly escalation processes or expensive component-level contracts that don't cover your entire stack. Whether the problem originates in one package or is the result of complex interactions across the stack, our experts have the training, experience, and mandate to handle all of them. These are your front-line experts, answering questions and delivering solutions just as anyone on your team should be.

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