CentOS on AWS

Rogue Wave offers commercial-grade support, audits, and training plus robust CentOS images for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. Our technical support is backed by Tier 3/4 open source architects experienced in the top enterprise packages and available directly with no escalation path. Our service-level agreements and support procedures are outlined below.

Our CentOS images are backed by a dedicated, vendor-agnostic development team and comes in two flavors: standard and security-hardened, outlined below. This team provides support across the entire stack and delivers hotfixes and patches within your timeframe, not the community’s, and we contribute them back to the community too.

Why security-hardened CentOS matters

Security hardening is the process of securing a system by reducing its surface of vulnerability. Watch this video to learn the benefits of security-hardened images, and how to get started using them today.

Deploying security-hardened CentOS
images on AWS

You can have an instance of any of the Rogue Wave CentOS images (standard or security-hardened) up and running in minutes. Watch this short demo on how to launch one of our security-hardened images. Note that the process is the same for our standard images after the initial section of what image you want to install.

CentOS image options

Our CentOS images for the AWS Marketplace offer ready-made machine images that remove the set up time, security needs, and frustration that come with managing your own deployments. Taking seconds to boot and including all the tools and ecosystem of the AWS Marketplace, these images make it easy to deploy, test, and scale applications within a very cost-effective cloud framework.

Standard Security-hardened
Package CentOS with hotfixes/patches provided by Rogue Wave CentOS with hotfixes/patches provided by Rogue Wave
Certified for Center for Internet Security (CIS) and OpenSCAP
Support level: Bronze 9x5 coverage
8am-5pm US ET (UTC-5)
Submit via email
4 hour response time
9x5 coverage
8am-5pm US ET (UTC-5)
Submit via email
4 hour response time
Supported CentOS versions Version 6, 7
Support maintained for last two major versions
Version 6, 7
Support maintained for last two major versions

Initiating support

To initiate support, complete the form located here. This form allows you to provide the name of an alternate support contact within your organization.

Requesting technical support

Any technical support questions or issues with the CentOS images can be reported to Rogue Wave Open Source Support by email: support@roguewave.com

Please include a brief summary in the message subject line when submitting issues via email, along with your Amazon AWS ID.

Technical support process

Issues reported to technical support are immediately entered into our tracking system and assigned to an open source architect who follows the reported problem from initial entry through the resolution process to final closure. This provides you with a seamless, single point of contact for diagnosis, analysis, and resolution, ensuring your issue is resolved quickly and efficiently.

Types of issues

Our open source architects can help with a variety of issues with the top enterprise open source packages (see our support stack here), including how-to questions, configuration issues, and bugs. Rogue Wave Open Source Support takes care to work with the relevant open source communities to resolve bugs or defects and contribute those changes back for inclusion in future releases. Due to the nature of open source development, there is no guarantee that the open source communities will accept bug fixes however, our CentOS images are maintained independently by us to meet your deadlines and any updates we make are freely available to the community.

Severity of issues

Issues reported to our technical support team are prioritized into three levels of severity:

Severity 1 - an error that severely affects the overall performance of the software function or process and production operations are affected, i.e. the system is down.

Severity 2 - an error that materially affects the overall performance of the software function or process resulting in noticeably impaired performance, but business operations can continue and results are accurate.

Severity 3 - an issue that occurs in a non-production environment (QA, test, development) or general production requests that do not affect operations.

Confidentiality and privacy

For most enterprise environments, detailed information regarding IT assets and infrastructure is protected in order to provide security and guard critical competitive advantages. Exposing this sensitive information through participation in open source community mailing lists can reveal vital details about what open source packages are used, how packages are used, and what issues have been encountered.

Rogue Wave Open Source Support protects client information and guarantees confidential and private technical support. As a conduit to the open source community, Rogue Wave Open Source Support acts on behalf of its clients while keeping sensitive information private.

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