Semiconductor Solutions

The Semiconductor Yield Analysis Challenge

Rogue Wave, with its IMSL Numerical Libraries and PV-WAVE family of products has been delivering high performance yield analysis solutions to the Semiconductor industry for many years. Whether you need to improve time to volume, quickly identify yield issues, improve yield visibility, analyze split lot or lot quality, perform outlier or trend analysis, or accelerate the yield learning curve, the Rogue Wave has the products and services to help solve your complex manufacturing problems.

Just a few of the ways in which Rogue Wave can bring its world-class solutions to help with your yield analysis needs are to:

  • Maximize insight into mass manufacturing data
  • Quickly identify critical manufacturing problems
  • Detect and reduce variation yield
  • Develop manufacturing control models
  • Understand and optimize yield
  • Minimize inventories and WIP
  • Improve time to volume
  • Quickly identify yield issues
  • Improve yield visibility
  • Accelerate yield learning curve
  • Create Web-based analysis tools
  • Utilize proven, standardized tools for specialized analysis

The ability to quickly, consistently, and flexibly analyze and visualize specialized data from your wafer manufacturing process will significantly increase ROI. Accurate yield analysis increases yield predictability, ensures quick response time to yield problems, and reduces die loss. In addition, the right analysis tools will allow manufacturers to monitor process tool performance, improve maintenance schedules, and enhance control of process modules.

We Have the Solution

The PV-WAVE family of products by Rogue Wave delivers yield analysts specialized analysis and visualization tools to optimized their custom manufacturing environments. The PV-WAVE development solutions allow you to rapidly import, manipulate, analyze and visualize your data. And, unlike other products, PV-WAVE Advantage includes a sophisticated set of analysis routines based on the IMSL libraries.