OEM / ISV Solutions

Rogue Wave offers ISV and OEM partners a convenient way to utilize advanced analytics and visualization by embedding the IMSL® Numerical Libraries into your applications and distribute a fully licensed solution to your customers.

Top business benefits to being a Rogue Wave OEM / ISV Partner

OEM and ISV Partners can extend their solutions with proven analytical and visualization technology while keeping risk and required development resources to a minimum.

  • Reduce development time, cost & risk – We offer thousands of existing algorithms and visualization functions written by numerical experts. Embedding these algorithms can save weeks to years of development time versus building algorithms internally.
  • Increase revenue – New analytic and visualization functionality from the IMSL Libraries presents multiple avenues for increased revenue, including new license revenue and increased maintenance revenue.
  • Deliver a total solution – The IMSL Libraries have fully documented and well-designed APIs that make them extremely easy to embed into your application to provide comprehensive analytics and visualizations.
  • Leverage seasoned technologies – We have developed and supported the IMSL Libraries for more than 40 years. This technology is proven effective by thousands of customers on multiple platforms and will deliver consistent and reliable results for your application.

Top technical reasons for embedding the IMSL Libraries into your application

Broad environment support in the IMSL Libraries as well as algorithms written in C, C#, Java and Fortran gives ISV and OEM partners ultimate flexibility to ship highly reliable analytical and visualization functionality with their application on any platform.

  • Leverage live support and world-class documentationM – World-wide technical and consulting support as well as comprehensive documentation, complete with tips and code examples, eliminates guesswork to make embedding IMSL Libraries into your application quick and easy.
  • Focus development on your core competency – Make best use of your scarce engineering resources by focusing them on building your core application rather than building and maintaining numerical algorithms or data visualization technology.
  • Bring applications to market faster – Accelerate development efforts by using pre-built algorithms. In addition, the IMSL Libraries maximize productivity by enabling developers to write prototypes and production code in the same native language.
  • Enhance your application without increasing risk – IMSL Libraries provide support for industry standards, seamlessly embed into global applications and will not introduce any security risks.

Case Studies and White Papers

NextSigma - Case Study
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Six Sigma Quality Control Software
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