Life Sciences & Healthcare Solutions

Solving Data Analysis and Visualization Challenges for Medical/Life Sciences

For over 40 years, IMSL Numerical Libraries and PV-WAVE Family of products have been key components of high performance data analysis and visualization solutions in a broad range of industries. Individual programmers, major corporations, academic institutions and research labs around the world trust the accuracy, reliability and the power of our solutions to perform sophisticated data analysis and turn data into meaningful information.

For customers that are developing or using applications for data and visualization analysis in Life Science and Medical industries, we have the components, the tools and the consulting expertise to reduce development time, save costs, accelerate time to market and, most importantly achieve accurate, reliable results.

Application Types:

  • Biostatistics/Statistical Genetics Research
  • Cardiovascular System Analysis
  • Clinical Trials
  • DNA Testing
  • Immune System Analysis
  • Laser Treatment Analysis
  • Monitoring System Analysis
  • MRI Visualization
  • Pharmaceutical/Drug Development
  • Photographic Data Analysis
  • Radiotherapy Planning
  • Radiation Treatment Analysis
  • Ultrasound Image Visualization

Case Studies and White Papers

Bristol-Myers Squibb - Pharmaceutical Research Institute - Case Study
PDF | 218.2 KB
MRI Analysis
Case Studies, IMSL Family, PV-WAVE, IMSL C Library, Life Sciences / Healthcare
DuPont Pharmaceuticals - Case Study
PDF | 163.1 KB
Biological Results From High-Throughput Screening
Case Studies, IMSL Family, IMSL C Library, Life Sciences / Healthcare
University of Alabama - Department of Mathematics - Case Study
PDF | 111.7 KB
Mathematic Models in Biomedical Sciences
Case Studies, IMSL Family, IMSL Fortran Library, Life Sciences / Healthcare