Aerospace Solutions

Whether you are an airframe manufacturer, a space or satellite systems developer, or an Aerospace contractor or software vendor, the IMSL Numerical Libraries have the power to solve your complex data problems.

  • Aerodynamics
  • Avionics
  • Defect Analysis
  • Flight Testing
  • Ground Control
  • Observation Support Systems
  • Satellite Systems
  • Solar Wind Flow Analysis
  • Space Systems
  • Structural Dynamics

In order to tackle these problems, scientists and engineers are required to deal with all types of data from simple to big, complicated datasets that come from varied sources and, often in proprietary formats, including ASCII and binary files as well as commercial databases. In addition, the code and platform requirements frequently change from project to project, requiring engineers the need to easily change with them.

The IMSL Numerical Libraries deliver aerospace engineers the tools to efficiently and accurately meet their data challenges, no matter what form or complexity they come in. The IMSL Numerical Libraries development solutions allow you to rapidly import, manipulate, analyze and visualize your data.

Case Studies and Whitepapers Description/Tags
Aerospace Solutions Note
PDF | 128.4 KB
Product solutions for the aerospace industry.
Brochures, Case Studies, IMSL Family, PV-WAVE, Aerospace
Aerospace Technical Note
PDF | 657.2 KB
Technical overview about how PV-WAVE can be used in the aerospace industry.
Case Studies, IMSL Family, PV-WAVE, Aerospace
Air Force Research Laboratory
PDF | 513.2 KB
Analysis and Forecasting of Cloud Covers
White Papers, IMSL Family, Aerospace, Government
Integral Systems, Inc. - Case Study
PDF | 286.0 KB
Satellite Data Analysis
Case Studies, IMSL Family, PV-WAVE, IMSL C Library, Aerospace
NOAA - SEL - Case Study
PDF | 846.4 KB
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) - Space Environment Laboratory (SEL) - Analysis of Solar Wind Outflow
Case Studies, IMSL Family, PV-WAVE, IMSL C Library, Aerospace, Government
Sandia National Laboratories - Case Study
PDF | 297.4 KB
Weapons Stockpile Management
Case Studies, IMSL Family, PV-WAVE, IMSL C Library, Aerospace, Government