Introducing IMSL Python wrappers

Access the power of the IMSL C Numerical Library from Python

Is your Data Science team using Python and asking the Engineering team to implement their data models? Are the models out of date by the time the Engineering team completes the implementation? The IMSL libraries are easily implemented in any application framework. With Python wrappers to the IMSL library your Data Science team can use the same powerful Mathematical and Statistical algorithms in Python as the engineering team.

The newly designed Python wrappers are object oriented and include features such as robust error handling, while offering better performance and faster prototype to production cycles.

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Coming soon, access to the GitLab repository

PyNL 1.0 is a subset of Python wrappers to the IMSL C Numerical Library. In the near future, we will be granting access to our GitLab repository to create a community in which our IMSL Customers can develop and contribute their own Python wrappers to IMSL C Library.

Don’t see what you need? Our Professional Services Team is also available to provide custom development. Contact us for more information about our consulting services.

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