Mathematical Special Functions

Function Type Description
Elementary Functions Includes complex numbers, exponential functions and logarithmic functions.
Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions Includes trigonometric functions and hyperbolic functions.
Exponential Integrals and Related Functions Includes exponential integrals, logarithmic integrals and integrals of trigonometric and hyperbolic functions.
Gamma Functions and Related Functions Includes gamma functions, psi functions, Pochhammer's function and Beta functions.
Error Functions and Related Functions Includes error functions and Fresnel integrals.
Bessel Functions Includes real and integer order with both real and complex arguments.
Kelvin Functions Includes Kelvin functions and their derivatives.
Airy Functions Includes Airy functions, complex Airy functions, and their derivatives.
Elliptic Integrals Includes complete and incomplete elliptic integrals.
Elliptic and Related Functions Includes Weierstrass P-functions and the Jacobi elliptic function.
Probability Distribution Functions and Inverses Includes statistical functions, such as chi-squared and inverse beta and many others.
Mathieu Functions Includes eigenvalues and sequence of Mathieu functions.
Miscellaneous Functions Includes miscellaneous functions such as Spence’s integral and Chebyshev series.
Reference Material Includes functions related to error handling, retrieval of machine constants and customizable error handling.