What’s new in IMSL C Numerical Library 2016.1

The IMSL C Numerical Library continues to enable organizations to build data-driven decision tools. Organizations who rely on data-driven decisions increase profitability and boost their competitive advantage. IMSL C provides mathematical, statistical, data mining, and machine learning functionality to allow researchers, engineers, and data science teams to build custom advanced analytics solutions.

IMSL is known for broad coverage functions, offering multiple methods in one API.

Feature updates include

  • ARIMA - Fits an autoregressive integrated moving average model with optional seasonal ARIMA parameters and user defined regression variables.
  • LIN_SVD_GEN – Performance improvements which include the addition of a divide-and-conquer SVD implementation.

Platform updates include

  • Added support for Visual Studio 2017
  • Added 32-bit Windows and Linux support
  • Added support for Windows 7 and Solaris 11.3

For a complete list of supported platforms, click here.

To download the latest version, click here. To learn more about these updates, see the release notes.